Our Experience With Remodel, Inc., a Kansas City Area Home Remodel Company

We hired Remodel, Inc, owned by Bill Chennault, (a.k.a. Chennico, Inc.) a home remodel contractor in the Kansas City area, to remodel our kitchen and the outside of our home.

After immediately experiencing several major problems with Remodel, Inc.'s work we hired a structural engineer and an architect to inspect the work done. We also allowed Bill Chennault to send his architect to inspect the remodel job.

In addition to numerous problems, all three written reports from independent professionals clearly indicate that the work done by Remodel, Inc. did not meet IRC building and electrical code. Both architectural reports also confirmed that we did not receive all of the contracted items.

The work was done in 2007 and this matter has still not been resolved as of today. Bill Chennault refused to fix all of the problems and refused to furnish us with all contracted items.

After a few years the kitchen floor now seems to be again sagging. The expensive Pella sliding door in the kitchen was not square when installed and is now even harder to latch and has an open gap at the top. Water is pooling on the roof in an area that Remodel, Inc. rebuilt. A new kitchen window that was boxed in and added to the outside kitchen wall may be coming loose as the grout around the tile edge inside is cracking. These and other problems will have to be repaired by a competent professional. We are basically going to have to start over with much of the work and at a great expense.

loose_siding.jpg - 36471 Bytes
The new steel siding is not attached at the top and in a few places is also loose at the bottom.

shingles_and_flashing.jpg - 80091 Bytes
The shingles on our new 30 year roof do not overhang the drip edge. After complaining about seeing daylight when looking up between the gutter and roof, Remodel, Inc. bent the new drip edge outwards.

rooftop_swimming_pool.jpg - 140013 Bytes
This flashing is run under the shingles. Water pools in this spot and collects debris, too.
footing.jpg - 76084 Bytes
Instead of pouring a foundation this is how Remodel, Inc. did it. The load-bearing walls are attached to the old walls. The wall shown in the picture was also contracted to be replaced but was not. The new kitchen floor, walls, ceiling and roof are supported by old rotting wood. The new concrete footings don't do anything.

front_patio_level.jpg - 55188 Bytes
The new concrete front patio was poured higher than the garage foundation and the new footings. Rain water flows through a garage wall as well as under the new kitchen addition.

garage_flooding.jpg - 148230 Bytes
This is the rain water running through the garage wall. Flashing was also not installed and so there is nothing to stop the water from coming in. The contractor was made aware of this problem and he tried to fix it with a tube of silicone sealer.
breaker_box.jpg - 149108 Bytes
Remodel, Inc was contracted to install a separate breaker box for the new circuits. Instead they crammed several mini breakers into the existing electrical panel. Bill Chennault's electrician also left part of the panel open.

window_well.jpg - 146471 Bytes
The back patio concrete was poured higher than the old patio and they added a good amount of gravel to the area around this window well. The window well now fills with water every time it rains when it did not before.

window_well2.jpg - 127095 Bytes
When the window well fills with rain water the level rises past the window and floods our basement.

Of course we did contact a construction law attorney but it was going to cost us over $36,000.00 to get the law suit started and would have cost over $50,000.00 if it went to court. We also filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau and the Kansas Attorney General's Office. Unfortunately the Kansas AG responded with a form letter stating that we would be best served by a private attorney. In our experience the Kansas Consumer Protection Act seems to do very little to help protect Kansans and is only as good as the office that enforces it.


Last updated July 30, 2015.
Paul Tadlock, Bonner Springs, Kansas.
The contractor knows where we live if he'd like to contact us.