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Other Ham Radio Projects
Here are links to more of my ham radio and other fun projects.

The Coax Tester! -- Watch on YouTube
So simple yet so handy! The fast easy way to trace multiple cables as well as check coaxial cables for short circuits.

MFJ-259B SWR/Antenna Analyzer Repair -- Watch on YouTube
A short circuit in the SO-239 connector inside the MFJ-259B Antenna Analyzer needed a quick repair.

Amateur Radio Tower Raised in Under 45 Seconds!
The easy way for one person to raise an amateur radio tower! ;)

Solder a PL-259 and Ring Connectors to RG-8X (Mini 8) Coax Cable -- Watch on YouTube
How I solder a PL-259 and the ring connectors to RG-8X (mini 8) coax cable. For the 2 meter vertical dipole antenna, the tri-band yagi antenna with dipole driven elements, and for small quad or quagi antennas.


Just For Fun Projects

My LED Chess Set -- Watch on YouTube
Another one of my original ideas. 64 LEDs illuminate the chess board and pieces.

How To Build a Raised Garden Bed -- Watch on YouTube
A simple garden box made with landscape timbers.

How to Build a Lean-to Style Storage Shed -- Watch on YouTube
Need some extra space to store some of those antenna projects? Don't have a level site to build on? This is how I built a small 8x4 storage shed for some needed extra storage space.

Landscaping Around the Storage Shed -- Watch on YouTube
Adding some decoration around the new storage shed.

Garden Weather Vane with Solar Power LED Light -- Watch on YouTube
How to make a garden weather vane with solar power LED light. Decoration for garden, patio, yard, or mount on tool shed or storage shed roof.


My Other Project

Here's my new project. This is what else I do for fun.
See my new British car YouTube channel.


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