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Dipole and Inverted V Antenna Basics
New to antenna building? Need a little advice about putting up an antenna? There really is more to it than just a simple formula for calculating the length of a dipole antenna. This video starts with a simple explantion about radio waves and antennas that is easy enough for the beginning radio amateur to understand. These simple antenna basics will help put the new ham months or years ahead in the hobby and will give them more confidence and better luck with their antenna projects. Even a more experienced ham will appreciate some of the very useful tips for constructing and mounting an Inverted V or dipole antenna that are included in this video.

Basic Wavelength Formulas

Wavelength Feet Meters
Free Space Wavelength 984 / Freq. (MHz) 300 / Freq. (MHz)
1/2 Wave Dipole Antenna 468 / Freq. (MHz) 143 / Freq. (MHz)
Electrical Wavelength Free Space x Coaxial Cable Velocity Factor


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